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  • Karla's Christmas Wishlist

    I usually start my holiday wish listing early because my birthday is in November, and my poor husband has come to rely solely on my Pinterest board for picking out my presents to combat my "pickiness." I am not complaining about this situation, especially since I forget what I posted by the t...
  • Designing the new sippy cups: James

    Lewis James is Sarah's youngest son, and I thought it was high-time to name something after him! Helmsie's name comes from the combination of Sarah's son Helms + Lucie, my daughter. I figured that before Lewis (3) asked, we should add his name to a good product!  This mug design was started with...
  • Helmsie Holiday Gift Guide for Mamas and Littles

    A small gift list for both mamas and littles to help you shop small this season. I have or am planning to buy each of these this year for my family or my friends (or myself!) -- mamas always need to add a few things to their own stocking to keep it even. Am I right or am I right?