Designing the new sippy cups: James

Lewis James is Sarah's youngest son, and I thought it was high-time to name something after him! Helmsie's name comes from the combination of Sarah's son Helms + Lucie, my daughter. I figured that before Lewis (3) asked, we should add his name to a good product! 

This mug design was started with the thought, "what would I want for a sippy cup if I were a boy mom?" It was a lot easier to think of what I would not want, sports anything, superheroes, bright colors. After lots of thrown away ideas, I think this is what I would want; a pattern in boy-friendly colors that does not scream boy, but rather mentions it. It is something I would like to see, and wash, and carry around. I would love to hear what boy-mamas think about this idea! Please let me know! 

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