Designing the new sippy cups: Vintage Strawberry

My first love will always be painting, especially florals. This vintage looking strawberry design was very fun to dream up and paint in the old-fashioned textile gauche painting style. The color key we made for our first round of Creative Co Op product was very helpful when it came time to design these mugs. One of the first things Sarah and I did when we started talking about Helmsie in 2015 was put together a color key maybe ten colors. It's fun to now have so many official colors we are using, like a real design studio (ha!) 

A huge reason that Sarah and I started Helmsie was because we loved vintage everything, and felt like a lot baby products were super modern. There were some amazing (and expensive) heirloom style companies, but for everyday goods there seemed to be little in the marketplace that we were drawn to. This sippy cup design ticks all the boxes for; a classic design and colors, great working product, affordable, mamas and littles will both enjoy. We hope you love it too!

xo Karla



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