Wallpaper with Hygge & West

We are so pleased to introduce our newest design,and first licensing partnership, Piedmont wallpaper for Hygge & West!

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We are THRILLED Y’ALL! We want to wallpaper every room of our houses. We hope you like it. Let us know what you think! See all FOUR colorways at H&W’s site, and that is where it is availableto purchase too. Check back Wednesday for a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the design.

Southern Tradition

When we started Helmsie, Karla and I were influenced most by the collective places that we have lived throughout the South. We love the traditions, the unique design, and the rich history of southern towns and cities. Each place, big and small, has its own story and identity that makes it special to the people who call it home. 

One thing that I, Sarah, love about the South are the traditions that get passed from generation to generation.  I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and you will find an abundance of tradition there. Another thing I love is getting to see my kids experience said traditions. 

When my Dad, Jim, was little, he and his dad were out mowing the lawn when the mower died. So, they hopped up into my Grandfather's truck and headed into town to buy another. Hours later, my Grandfather returned with no mower and no Jim. Casually, he explained to my Grandmother that Jim was making his way back from town (miles from their house) on his new bike. By himself. Ha!

I heard this story so many times growing up, but have a new appreciation for how my Grandmother must have reacted now that I am a mother myself. So, the story goes in my family: you go to town to buy a lawn mower and come home with a new bicycle. This pretty fairly sums up my childhood. 


Boyd's Bicycle Shop, Bristol, TN

Boyd's Bicycle Shop, Bristol, TN

My son, Helms, turned four at the end of June and he had been begging us for a bike for some time. We already had a trip planned to visit my parents on his birthday weekend and I knew the perfect way to surprise him. The place where my dad picked out his bicycle (in lieu of a mower) all those years ago, Boyd's Bicycle Shop, is actually still in business right off of State Street in Bristol, TN. It is even owned by the same family. 

That Saturday morning, my Dad told Helms that his lawn mower had broken and we needed to head into town to buy a new one. Guess where we ended up? 

Don't worry, both Helms and the bike rode in the car all the way home to Atlanta!


Trying out a few to find the perfect fit!

Trying out a few to find the perfect fit!